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Language Equality in the Digital Age

Jill Evans presents her report on language equality in the digital age at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, which makes proposals to help bridge the digital language divide.
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CC BY dschenck
Turkey Eu Flags
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HDP and democracy in Turkey

EFA MEP Jordi Solé, a member of the European Parliament's Turkey delegation, has praised the performance of the pro-minority HDP party in Turkey's recent presidential and parliamentary elections. The party was able to increase its parliamentary representation, and field a candidate...
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(58) "files/assets/imgs/list/russian_minority_protest_4-7-18.jpg" ["title"]=> string(26) "Russian minority in Latvia" ["alt"]=> string(26) "Russian minority in Latvia" ["copyright"]=> NULL ["updated_at"]=> int(1530724230) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "4d82b7f6085b7d86f7e9fcaa1ebeb5d2.jpg" ["fname"]=> string(35) "Russian Minority protest 4-7-18.jpg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/7650/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(50) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/7650/list" ["photo"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/7650/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(54) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/7650/portrait" } } Russian minority in Latvia
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Hands off minority schools!

'Hands off Russian minority schools in Latvia!' This was the slogan of a demonstration held outside the European Parliament building in Strasbourg on Wednesday 4 July, to highlight the threat to the system of minority education in Latvia. Demonstrators included schoolchildren and socia...
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Open Arms – 'Saving Life is not a Crime' – MEP Ana Miranda

Greens/EFA MEP Ana Miranda, who is on board the ship Astral operated by NGO Open Arms, has called for action at EU level to prevent the criminalisation of NGOs engaged in search and rescue work in the Mediterranean. The ship which assisted in the rescue of 59 people from the Mediterranean sea ove...
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Bridging the digital language divide

Greens/EFA MEP Jill Evans (Plaid Cymru) hopes her new report 'Language Equality in the Digital Age' will make an important contribution to bridging the digital language divide. This could lead to Siri speaking Welsh, or Alexa speaking Lithuanian, whilst making it easier for sign language ...
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No double standards on EU's human rights commitment

Catalan MEP Jordi Solé has called upon the EU to avoid double standards in its commitment to human rights and democracy around the world. The EFA MEP spoke in the European Parliament's debate today about the EU's annual report on human rights and democracy in the world, in the pres...
array(8) { ["url"]=> string(52) "files/assets/imgs/list/catalonia_police_violence.jpg" ["title"]=> string(25) "Catalonia police violence" ["alt"]=> string(25) "Catalonia police violence" ["copyright"]=> string(12) "Jordi Borras" ["updated_at"]=> int(1528374109) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "e10691f692a06ea6b36810761aaff9bb.jpg" ["fname"]=> string(29) "Catalonia police violence.jpg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/7538/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(50) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/7538/list" ["photo"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/7538/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(54) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/7538/portrait" } }
Jordi Borras
Catalonia police violence
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Altsasu case – concerns over fundamental rights and judicial independence in Spain

MEPs from the EFA Group in the European Parliament have voiced concerns about the independence of the Spanish judiciary and fundamental rights in Spain. The MEPs criticised this week's 'disproportionate' sentencing of several youths from the small Basque town of Altsasu, who were invo...
array(7) { ["url"]=> string(89) "files/assets/imgs/list/syrian_and_iraqi_refugees_arrive_from_turkey_to_lesbos__greece.jpg" ["title"]=> string(62) "Syrian and Iraqi refugees arrive from Turkey to Lesbos, Greece" ["copyright"]=> string(19) "Ggia (CC BY-SA 4.0)" ["updated_at"]=> int(1528357436) ["file_name"]=> string(36) "cd1efcf452094952c372ba989e7d1895.jpg" ["urls"]=> array(4) { ["jumbo"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/7537/jumbo" ["list"]=> string(50) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/7537/list" ["photo"]=> string(51) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/7537/photo" ["portrait"]=> string(54) "https://extranet.greens-efa.eu/api/image/7537/portrait" } ["alt"]=> string(62) "Syrian and Iraqi refugees arrive from Turkey to Lesbos, Greece" }
Ggia (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Syrian and Iraqi refugees arrive from Turkey to Lesbos, Greece
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New study shows how EU-Turkey deal is turning refugees into detainees

The European Union's agreement with Turkey is failing to uphold the rights of refugees in Greece, according to a new study commissioned by the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament.
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European flag 530x390
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EU should act when Member States fail on fundamental rights

Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya MEP Jordi Solé has called on EU leaders Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker and Antonio Tajani, to 'be brave and show leadership' in helping find a political solution to the conflict between Catalonia and Spain. Jordi Solé was speaking in today...
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EFA MEP Miranda calls for Corsican rights recognition

EFA MEP Ana Miranda (Bloque Nacionalista Galego) has called on France to recognise Corsica's 50 year national struggle, and the rights of bilingual citizens, in line with the European Charter of Minority Languages. Ana Miranda made the call following the address of French President Emmanuel M...