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European Union
Jill Evans
Press release |

Defending the rights of Breton Speakers

Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans and UDB (Breton Democratic Union), both members of the European Free Alliance (EFA) stand together to defend the rights of four Breton activists who had participated in the struggle against France's 'Labour Law'. Many people in Brittany have fought this law,...
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News |

International Romani Day

On the occasion of the International Romani Day on the 8th of April, a new publication by Green MEPs has been launched. It raises awareness of the most critical aspects of discrimination against European Roma and contributes to the fight against antigypsyism.
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Publication |

Countering antigypsyism in Europe

Although EU institutions and Member States have taken a range of measures to promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged Roma in Europe, there has been no substantial improvement in the situation over the last decade. Many Roma in Europe continue to face poverty, social exclusion, discrimination and violent racism.
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Press release |

MEPs back copyright exceptions on books for people who are blind or visually impaired

The European Parliament’s Legal Affairs committee has taken the next step towards ensuring access to published works for people who are blind or visually impaired.
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Event |

European Ideas Lab

During a three-day event, Greens/EFA welcomed more than 300 "changemakers" from around 130 organizations of most European countries. This lab was the opportunity for us to listen, discuss and develop ideas with our guests.
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Event |

The Right to Decide

Simultaneous interpretation in ENG- NL- CAT –EUS- CYM -IT-ES   12:00 Informal lunch 13:30 Welcome by MEP DEMESMAEKER + introduction                         &n...
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Press release |

European Parliament united in defence of fundamental rights

The European Parliament has approved a report on the Situation of Fundamental Rights in the EU in 2015, with the Greens/EFA Group voting in favour. Three of the four amendments presented by the Greens/EFA Group were approved. Following the vote, MEP Josep-Maria Terricabras, spokesperson on the subje...
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Event |

Mirror Mirror - Drych Drych

The Greens/EFA and Creatives without Borders present Drych Drych – Mirror Mirror, an international art exhibition exploring how collective memory and perception endures through attitudes towards 'the Other’. Curated by Zsuzsanna Ardó, the exhibition was featured 5-9 Sep...
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Press release |

Human rights must be central to EU migration compact

MEPs in Strasbourg have debated the European Union's proposed new 'migration compact' aimed at addressing the root causes of migration. The European Commission proposes using EU funding to encourage private investment in migrants' countries of origin, notably Africa. The propos...
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News |

ALL OF US – Mobilising for rainbow families

LGBTI rights are human rights. Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans and intersex persons should enjoy the same rights, duties and opportunities as well as the same level of protection as any other person within the EU. However, discrimination against LGBTI persons in the EU persists. ALL OF US want this discrimination to end.