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Renewables development

The wind and photovoltaic sectors registered record growth levels in 2006 according to new figures published by the renewable energy consortium Eurobserver. Germany is still a leading country but other markets are expected to take off quickly like in France, UK or Italy.
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Homophobia in Europe

Greens/EFA affirm that the EU institutions and Member States have a duty to ensure that in the EU human rights are respected, protected and promoted and urge the competent Polish authorities to refrain from proposing or adopting a anti-homosexual law and to condemn public leaders inciting discrimination and hatred based on sexual orientat…
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 Seminar Proceedings and DocumentationPresentation of Rita Baeten: Health Services within the EU legal background and debatePresentation of Ruth Paserman: Activities in the area of health in DG Employment and Social Affairs Presentation of Jens Gobrecht: Who is steering health systems? “Health se...
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Shipping emissions

The Commission has said that it will draft legislation this year to tackle the shipping industry's rapidly growing contribution to global warming. The plan is to include the sector in Europe's CO2 cap-and-trade system ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme).
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Transatlantic relations

Climate change is now at the top of the agenda and the EU must pressure the US to engage meaningfully in international efforts to tackle the problem. Civil and human rights concerns - whether over data-sharing, CIA renditions or Guantanamo - must also be addressed, as must foreign policy issues like the Middle East, Iran, Iraq and Afghani…
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Food or fuels?

Agro-fuel euphoria - a threat for global food security A shift of investments and land from food to fuel production puts global food security at a serious risk. Agro-fuels produced from grain, oilseeds and sugarcane - misleadingly called biofuels - result in an unsustainable use of land, water and e...
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Organic food - discounted?

Organic agriculture - a benchmark for sustainable development Over the past decades organic agriculture has become a benchmark for sustainable farming practices and responsible consumption of food. Organic farming includes the protection of nature and animals as well as the conservation and use of b...
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Emissions trading scheme

Officials and politicians from California were in Brussels this week to study the EU's ETS and discuss other climate-related policies. California has plans to start ist own state scheme in 2012 which is the last year of the EU ETS's second phase.
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Solar power

One of the world's larget solar energy plants, located in southern Portugal, started delivering electricity to about 8,000 homes this week.It is expected to produce the most power worldwide compared to other existing solar energy plants.
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Transport subsidies

In a report issued last week, the European Environmental Agency quantified the transport subsidies in Europe.It concludes that environmental objectives are "not a significant motivation" for the majority of subsidies...
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the climate crisis is here video thumbnail
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The climate crisis is here - Part 2: Domi and Michael

The climate crisis and its devastating effects are now everywhere and undeniable. But it's the communities least responsible, that are most affected by climate change. These are just a few stories from the front-line of humanity's greatest threat. Listen to climate activists Domi from the United Kingdom and Michael from Germany.
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Photo by Alexander Serzhantov on Unsplash
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Press release |

EU must stand with peaceful protesters & uphold human rights

President Tokayev invited predominantly Russian troops to suppress the protests of his own people, majority of whom is marching peacefully and with legitimate demands. The EU needs to stand with those protesting peacefully and uphold human rights that are now more than ever under attack in Kazakhstan.