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Dirty energy

On 15 March Russia, Greece and Bulgaria concluded a deal on the construction of an oil pipeline that links the Bulgarian port of Burgas and the Greek port of Alexandroupolis. While localised environmental problems along the pipeline are expected, the project might also get EU public fundings. To tackle climate change the EU supports dirty…
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Nuclear error since 1957

On Friday 23 March, the EU anti-nuclear organisations will give to the Commission a petition calling for an abolition of the Euratom Treaty and a phase out of nuclear power across Europe. The success of this petition confirms the results of the last Eurobarometer poll which clearly shows that the majority of the EU citizens are against nu…
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EU Spring Summit

On 9 March the EU heads of government agreed on future climate and energy targets. The 20% targets by 2020 in climate, renewables and energy efficiency are the final most important results.
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Euratom: 50 years too much

In the forefront of the 50th anniversary of the EURATOM Treaty, the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament together with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Brussels held an international conference to discuss nuclear safety, nuclear proliferation, the future of the EURATOM Treaty as well as green alternatives.
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Some biographical information about our guest speakers and about their previous work
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The reactor and the bomb are siamese twins. Discover how proliferation developed through the last 60 years and what is the current situation. Who will be next ?
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Non proliferation and nuclear disarmament

Greens/EFA urge the EU Presidency to break the deadlock on establishing a verifiable Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty, to speed up the signing and ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) by all countries, especially those required for it to enter into force
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The Australian government on Tuesday announced plans to phase out incandescent light bulbs and replace them with more energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. But Australia is a country that still refuses to sign up the Kyoto protocol...
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Don't be bullied on genetically modified foodTrust the Greens - no GMOsGM food is not only bananas – it could become big business if people who invest in GMOs and biotechnology get their way. From the test-tube to the dinner plate GM food would be controlled by a handful of super-powerful organisat...
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Food miles

Do you know where your dinner was last night?Trust the Greens : cut food miles - buy localOur food is being transported over very long distances, only because some ingredients are a bit cheaper here or a certain processing industry works a bit cheaper there. Live animals are tortured on long distant...
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GreensEFA Group
limit animal transport video thumbnail
Video |

Let's limit animal transport - how you can help us to protect farm animals

Transporting animals over a long distance makes them suffer. The current EU rules allow for transporting even very young animals or journeys of several days.
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Investment in gas and nuclear power contradicts Green Deal

In the newly proposed delegated act of the catalogue of criteria for sustainable investments ("taxonomy") the Commission classifies some investments in gas and nuclear power as sustainable. The Greens/EFA reject any greenwashing of gas and nuclear power and call on MEPs to vote against the proposal.