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Veranstaltung |

The New Look of the Populism in Europe

A morning session will be dedicated to a broad reflection on populism in Europe, followed by a debate. In the afternoon, a first panel will address the strong connection between globalisation and populisms, while a second one will reflect on the possible political actions against the most dangerous forms of populism.
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The Greens/EFA organise the first screening of the film 'Khodorkovsky' after the première at the Berlin International Film Festival. The screening will be followed by a public debate in the presence of the film maker, Cyril Tuschi, and the members of Khodorkovsky's legal defence team.
Veranstaltung |

Europe in transformation

Thursday 3 (pm) and Friday 4 March 2011 (am & pm)
Veranstaltung |

No more killing of women!

As the political will to fight feminicide has been clearly stated, this is the moment to take stock of its implementation. This is the aim of the 4th Conference on Feminicide and the subsequent Strategy Meeting co-organised by the Greens/EFA and the Heinrich Böll Foundation.
Veranstaltung |

Klima - Zeit Öko-logisch zu sein

The impacts of 2°C warming are rather worse than previously thought. To have a chance to remain within the 2° temperature increase limit industrialised countries would need to be at 80% to 95% below 1990 levels by 2050. Looking at the 2050 trajectory is critical as it will be significantly more costly for the EU to 'catch up' to a 2°C com…
Veranstaltung |

The role of Europe in fighting deforestation

This round table organised by the Greens/EFA will try and answer some key questions like : what is the state of play of deforestation? What are the political challenges for the EU to successfully combat deforestation? After the EU Timber Regulation, what needs to be done? Is FLEGTworking and how?
Veranstaltung |

Hungarian democracy in danger ?

In the context of Hungary's much-criticised media law and under the Hungarian EU Presidency, the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament organise a debate with Hungarian author, philosopher and former dissident Agnes Heller
Veranstaltung |


In the light of the recent events in Egypt, the Greens/EFA organised a live skype and phone debate with journalists and correspondents from Cairo as well as ONG representatives
Veranstaltung |

Women for transformation

In the recent weeks women of all ages have played an important part in the social movement against despotism and corruption. However, despite their significant contribution to bringing about change, they may be left out of future decision-making processes. It is now up to Europe to support them and to ensure that their voices will continu…
Veranstaltung |

Green Cities, Happy People

The conference aims at promoting the best practices in terms of urban sustainability and try to explore ways to make other cities benefit from their experience