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Veranstaltung |

A stronger European disaster response

At the end of October, the Commission presented its communication entitled "Towards a stronger European disaster response" which in particular the questions of setting up an EU emergency response capacity and a more effective EU coordination of pre-committed Member States assets. This hearing aims at assessing the Commission's communicati…
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Turkey in Europe

The Greens/EFA organise a two-day public conference in Istanbul to discuss about key issues such as the energy security in Turkey and in the European Union - including nuclear energy aspects, the democratisation process of Turkey in the light of a new Constitution and the issue of European Culture.
Veranstaltung |

The EU and Libya - Strange bedfellows on Human Rights?

This hearing will bring together a panel of experts from EU institutions, EU member states and civil society. It aims to assess the ongoing EU-Libya negotiations with a particular focus on the rights of the Parliament to full information and scrutiny as well as the human rights dimension of the ongoing negotiations.
Veranstaltung |

Greens/EFA study days

The Greens/EFA group holds its study days in Nîmes to debate about the state of the European Union, to assess the parliamentary activity of the Group one year after the elections and to discuss the policy priorities and future strategies.
Veranstaltung |

20 years of German reunification

Event with film screening and reception to celebrate the 20th anniversary of German reunification
Veranstaltung |

Climate meets biodiversity

This public conference will examine the global environment diplomacy and the role of the EU and deal with the biodiversity and climate synergies. Can Europe make a difference at Nagoya and Cancun? This is one of the questions that will be debated on this occasion.
Veranstaltung |

Learning to be green

To realise the Green job potential in Europe the opportunities for training and retraining need to be strengthened. Elisabeth Schroedter organizes a workshop with experts from Cedefop and the commissioners Andor and Heedegard on September 29th in the European Parliament to discuss how employees can be equiped with the necessary skills for…
Veranstaltung |

Biking is Green

At the start of the European Mobility Week this event will show and demonstrate new models of electric and (un)conventional bicycles, intermodality between cycling and public transport, recently installed services in the area Gare de Luxembourg - Place de Luxembourg. Visitors will be able to test the bikes and organisations will present t…
Veranstaltung |

GMO-free Europe conference 2010

Veranstaltung |

Pathways to a renewable energy-based economy in 2050

The conference will aim to compare the different 2050 energy scenarios, looking at the policy options to achieve a renewables-based economy and also the pathway for the EU energy landscape necessary to achieve this. It will also look at how much and what kind of grid development will be necessary to allow the required development of RES.