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EU position towards the Cuban Government

The Greens call on the Council and the Commission to intensify their constructive dialogue with Cuba on the basis of their specific strategic priorities, which are based on human rights and sustainable development. They reiterate their condemnation of all forms of imprisonment on the grounds of beliefs or peaceful political activities, be…
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Presumed use of European countries by the CIA for the transportation and illegal detention of prisoners

The Greens/EFA Group is worried about the flagrant breaches of basic human rights that appear to be taking place on European soil, in particular abductions by the CIA and possible ill-treatment of prisoners in secret prisons and underlines that in the necessary fight against international terrorism torture can under no circumstances be le…
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Human rights and freedom of the press in Tunisia and evaluation of the World Summit on the Information Society held in Tunis

The Greens/EFA deplore the obvious deterioration of freedoms and human rights in Tunisia and call on Tunisian authorities to adhere to their international commitments with regard to respect for human rights and democracy; Calls on the Council and Commission to hold an Association Council meeting on the HR situation in order to draw approp…
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European Appeal

Unless it is completely reshaped on a series of fundamental points, the services directive will jeopardize the fulfilment of the missions of general interest and the regulatory role of public authorities at national, regional and local levels.
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European Appeal - List of signatories

First signatories (by alphabetical order): André BRIE (MEP GUE/NGL - Germany); Evelyne GEBHARDT (MEP ESP - Germany) ; Pierre JONCKHEER (MEP GREENS/EFA - Belgium) ; Heide RÜHLE (MEP GREENS/EFA - Germany) ; Anne VAN LANCKER (MEP ESP - Belgium); Members of Parliament (by alphabetical order): Claude A...
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Violation of Human Rights in the People's Republic of China with regard, in particular, to the freedom of religion

The Greens/EFA Group calls on the Chinese Government to put an end to religious repression and to ensure that it respects international standards of human rights as well as religious rights guaranteeing democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of the media and political and religious freedom in China.
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Against the Bolkestein Directive: a Green alternative

The European Commission has proposed a Directive on the free movement of services within the EU. However, it is too far reaching as it would lead to a massive lowering of social and environmental standards in Europe. Find out about the reasons and get to know the Green alternative.
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Situation in Lebanon

Deeply shocked at the car bombing which killed the Lebanese former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, the Greens/EFA Group calls on the Lebanese Government and security forces to collaborate fully and provide the UN team with all the means necessary to carry out the investigation. They call on the Council to set up a subcommittee on human right…
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The birth of Kyoto

Eight years ago the Kyoto Protocol was signed. It was the first international treaty requiring industrial countries to reduce CO2-emissions. It finally becomes law this month. This is an historic moment. But now the EU countries must prove that they can keep their promise and take immediate action!
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The European Dream – America's nightmare?

Are some Europeans creating a radical new dream? Is the EU really a new beacon of light in a troubled world, as Jeremy Rifkin suggests? Or is European culture too pessimistic, as EU-commissioner Pascal Lamy replies? Read the reports on the panel discussion with these and other exciting participants!