It’s time for climate action!

Climate debate - Bas Eickhout

The young people striking and marching for climate action do not want to be thanked. They want to see actions from politicians! Not in 2050, nor in 2030. Now!

European Asylum System reform

Plenary speech by Jean Lambert

Outcome of the Turkey-EU summit

Plenary speech by Josep-Maria Terricabras


Plenary speech by Rebecca Harms

UK's EU membership - Alyn Smith and Jill Evans

Vote must respect all constituent parts of UK

Real Driving Emissions

Plenary speech by Bas Eickhout

Even if you are on the side of the car industry, you cannot accept that a technical committee is adjusting what we decided as co-legislators

Situation in Poland - minority rights & Silesia

Plenary speech by Josep Maria Terricabras

Making the positive case for EU membership

Plenary speech by Jill Evans

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Terrorist attacks in Paris

Plenary speech by Philippe Lamberts