Paradise Papers - the EU has no more excuse for inaction!

Plenary speeches by Green MEPs

With the Paradise Papers, the list of revelations has grown even longer, yet still member states refuse to act

European Agenda on Migration

Plenary speech by Ska Keller

European Agenda on Migration

Plenary speech by Judith Sargentini

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International Roma Day – anti-Gypsyism in Europe

Plenary speech by Bodil CEBALLOS

Energy Union

Plenary speech by Claude Turmes

Anti-terrorism measures

Plenary speech by Jan Philipp Albrecht

We have not been elected to satisfy the markets

Plenary speech by Philippe Lamberts on Latvian EU Presidency

Green/EFA president Philippe Lamberts gives his assessment of the challenges facing the EU. Instead of narrowly focusing on economic growth, Europe should be giving priority to addressing growing inequality and social exclusion.

Commission work programme 2015

Plenary speech by Jill Evans