Time for real EU action on housing and assistance for the homeless

Earlier this year, the Commission launched a public consultation on its action plan to put the European Pillar of Social Rights into practice. There’s still time to respond and call for action on housing rights in the EU.

There are still two weeks remaining to respond to the European Commission’s consultation on a more social Europe; the deadline to submit a response is 30 November. 

As part of the Greens/EFA housing campaign, we’ve prepared a response outlining some of the main areas of change we want to see when it comes to the issue of housing and EPSR principle 19: housing and assistance for the homeless.

You can find it here in case you’d like to use it for inspiration.

Housing has become increasingly important as a frontline defence in the COVID crisis. The pandemic has outlined the inequalities that already existed in terms of the affordability of housing, quality of housing, and access to housing for the most disadvantaged in our societies. 

We call on the Commission and the Member States to make housing one of the cornerstones of the action plan on the EPSR. 

Greens/EFA MEP Kim van Sparrentak is rapporteur for the European Parliament’s report on ‘Access to decent and affordable housing for all’. The draft report is available on the Parliament’s website.  

The report will be voted in the European Parliament’s Employment and Social Affairs committee in December, and in plenary in early 2021. 

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