The Greens/EFA group is calling for the ambitious and rapid implementation of the European climate law. On 28 November 2019, the European Parliament declared a climate emergency. This call, which was extremely important, must now be followed up with ambitious and concrete action. The new European Commission presents itself as the climate Commission, the one that will provide solutions to the climate crisis, to biodiversity loss, and to crises in our societies. The Greens/ EFA group welcomes the fact that climate has finally made it to the top of the political agenda, as with the Green deal and the just transition – issues we have fought for over many years.

The Greens have listed a series of short- and medium-term actions to address the emergency we face.

  • We need a binding legal framework to achieve climate neutrality. The sooner our emissions peak, the better our chances to be on track. The Greens call for climate neutrality by 2040.
    We are also pushing for:
    – an increase of the EU 2030 targets for greenhouse gas reduction
    – energy efficiency –
    – and more renewables –
    The EU must respect its carbon budget and its efforts should be scientifically reviewed. This will only be achievable if an ambitious and binding legal framework is in place.
  • The climate emergency must become mainstream across all European policies. Scientific reports show that our ability to avert catastrophic climate disaster – and limit global average temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels – requires our societies to achieve climate neutrality under the Paris Convention. We are facing a climate emergency. European institutions must act now and ensure climate proofing of all policies, especially within the ongoing negotiations on the EU budget, international trade agreements, and the Common Agricultural Policy.
  • The transition to a decarbonised world must be just. Climate justice needs to be guaranteed. The climate and biodiversity crises only exacerbate existing inequalities between and within people of different genders, social backgrounds, and generations. The most vulnerable groups are women, children and people with disabilities. This transition won’t be right if people are not behind it. The Greens call for a real and just transition and for a social Europe that respects the boundaries of our planet and that leaves no one behind. Citizens have the right to climate protection. Ensuring climate justice also means contributing to global climate financing, but also correcting the huge imbalance between citizens and dirty businesses. It is time to recognise all of our human and environmental rights.